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Watch the New Video for ‘HEXED ENDEAVOUR’ by Sonic Rockers OUR MAN IN THE BRONZE AGE

“Our Man in the Bronze Age are a skilful bunch, seamlessly drifting from apocalyptic guitar squalls to unbearably plaintive and sparse piano/vocal downtimes with breath taking flair. They’re the finest thing to come out of Milton Keynes since the A5.”
Watch the video for new single ‘Hexed Endeavour’ HERE

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Formed in Milton Keynes in 2007 by five friends, sonic rockers Our Man in the Bronze Age opted a long-time ago to leave behind the cut and thrust of everything that wasn’t music made exclusively on their own terms.

Tired of all that had gone before, forming a brotherly pact the quintet chose to channel crackling riffs, wizened bones and a dry wit into a cosmic vessel that strutted its stuff from day one. Year to year, gig to gig, they are thrilled to announce that their forthcoming album, Hexed Endeavours, will receive an official worldwide release this October on Fr33zehead Records.

Pouring thirteen tracks of cinematic adventure into a ‘Bronze void, their sound boasts many tentacles each waving prog, doom, alternative, sludge, stoner and post-rock in a devastatingly effective manner. From wistful piano to apocalyptic swells of sheer dynamism, Hexed Endeavours is a hugely immersive experience and triumphant return for Our Man in the Bronze Age.

Hexed Endeavours by Our Man in the Bronze Age will be released on 8th October on Fr33zehead Records

Watch the video for new single ‘Hexed Endeavour’ HERE

Our Man in the Bronze Age:
Graham Hulbert – Vocals/Guitars
Tom Platt – Drums/Vocals
Andi Jackson – Bass/Vocals
Jonathan Muston – Drums/Keys/Vocals
Justin Hodges – Guitars
Bandcamp – www.ourmaninthebronzeage.bandcamp.com
Facebook – www.facebook.com/ourmaninthebronzeage

Instagram – www.instagram.com/ourmaninthebronzeage

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