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Throwdown at the Campground: Day 3; Rain, Reunions, and Rock

Despite what had started the weekend as a slightly ominous forecast, “Throwdown at the Campground” day 3 closed things out with a bang. Several actually! Between “Drowning Pool” reuniting with Ryan Mccombs, the debut of “World Gone Cold” and a mind-blowing surprise performance there is a lot to talk about.

I’ll address the elephant in the room first I suppose. Yes, “Drowning Pool” is reuniting with Ryan Mccombs. As you have seen from several music media outlets in recent days. This is their second stop on this run with the singer. Club LA in Destin FL having been stop 1. Let me just say, welcome back Ryan! As expected, “Drowning Pool” was in impeccable form. Bringing a raw, visceral edge for which they are known to throwdown fans. Ryan seemed to exude strength with his stage presence. He also seemed very at home. The band played an extensive list from their catalog to fans across multiple generations, unquestionably exhibiting why their name has been so well known in the industry for so long.

Ryan Mccomb – Drowning Pool

“World Gone Cold” is metalcore’s newest supergroup. Consisting of Traa Daniels (P.O.D.), Mark Anthony (The Letter Black), Ryland Raus (Attack! Attack!), Andrew Stanton (Disciple), and Tim Watts (Demon Hunter). These guys are certainly about to shake things up in the metal world if their debut at “Throwdown at the Campground” was any indication. A near perfect combination of metal and melody. Fit with everything a metalcore fan could want. Breakdowns, screams, soaring clean vocals, blast beats. THEY GOT IT ALL! Obviously, in that group theres a little experience keeping crowds happy.

World Gone Cold

On Saturday Throwdown fans were hit with a surprise of epic proportions! During a birthday celebration for festival organizer Danny Hill, “P.O.D.” members took the stage accompanied by Tims Watts (Demon Hunter/World Gone Cold). “P.O.D.” performed a hit list of tunes that have become crowd favorites over the years. Getting the crowd moving with everything from “Boom” to “Youth of a Nation”.


Other performances throughout the day include an exciting set from “Smile Empty Soul”, the smooth rock and roll vibe of “Tantric” and “Flaw” bringing the heavy as only they know how. A huge thank you to all of the festival staff, the fans, bands and readers. It’s been an amazing weekend with all of you and I can’t wait to do it again!

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