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Throwdown at the Campground: Day 2 Brings The Heat!

St. Paddy’s Day and Heavy Metal! Name a better combo, I’ll wait. Throwdown at the Campground gave us a day filled with fun, combunating with a set from “Gemini Syndrome” that can only be described as beauty in motion. As the heat got stronger yesterday so did the music. Including performances from “Seventh Day Slumber”, “Stitched Up Heart”, “Cypher Machine”, and more.

First I wanna talk about a surprise performance! “Devil’s Envy” made the ride out and put on a banger set at 1 in the afternoon while the sun was high! The crowd engagement, professionalism, and technicality are off the charts with these guys. The breakdowns though, ooh the breakdowns! “Devil’s Envy” left it all on the stage and undoubtedly minted many new fans.

Devils Envy

Of course, I have to show some love to the food folks again! This time it’s “Mysic Ice Cream”. Yesterday was blistering hot to say the least. So the dreamsickle float hit the spot. Something unusual to find with fest food is good prices, not at all the case here. $9 got me 3 huge scoops of creamy dreamsickle ice cream and an ice cold orange soda.

Back to the music. “Seventh Day Slumber” was impressive, to say the slightest. Their set was filled with tons of personal insight and positivity. It’s no shocker that they had a gathering of artists side stage during their performance. If you want a show that hits you right in the heart, “Seventh Day Slumber” delivers!

Seventh Day Slumber

“Stitched Up Heart” was ON FIRE to bring us into the nighttime hours. Highlighting several of their new tunes mixed in with old favorites and strong collaborations with artists like Sully Erna (Godsmack). You could watch the crowd get rowdier as “Stitched Up Heart” went song by song raising the intensity level and gearing people up for what was to come.

Stitched Uo Heart

Stunningly closing the night, “Gemini Syndrome” rocked the “Throwdown at the Campground” crowd! Opening on the smash hit “Stardust” “Gemini Syndrome” set the tone for a set the was gonna leave the crowd blown away. “Gemini Syndrome” has been at it since 2010 and it’s clear that they’ve just continuously refined their craft throughout the entirety of that span.

Gemini Syndrome

ONE LAST DAY! Day 3 brings up “Drowning Pool” playing show number 2 after their reunion with Lead Singer Ryan McCombs!

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