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Throwdown at the Campground: day 1 kicks things off with a bang!

This year’s installment of this awesome camping-based festival “Throwdown at the Campground” in the small Florida town of Fruitland Park came out of the gate strong! Featuring performances of heavy artists from around the country. Headliner “Adelitas Way” hailing from Las Vegas, Nevada to great openers “The D.O.O.D” out of the always formidable music scene in Tampa Florida.

Rick DeJesus – Adelitas Way (Vocals)

Before we jump into the music I wanna talk about the amazing food. No festival is complete without it. From burgers to tacos, donuts, ice cream, and more this festival has it all. The tacos were so good I had them twice (shoutout to Uncle Taco FL). Of course, as always, campers were laying down every comfort food imaginable!

French Toast Doughnuts from Mini Doughnuts

On to the music! The day kicked off with a hell of a wake-up call for any late-sleeping campers. The Distinguished Order Of Disobedience opened the day with a set that any headbanger could vibe on. On top of great music “The D.O.O.D” has a history of connecting with a crowd and this show was no exception! Moving forward after their slot, the say was filled with impactful moments created by bands like “Artifas”, “Moon Fever” and “Otherwise”.

The D.O.O.D

One artist certainly of note to the fans was “Jasmine Cain” as was abundantly clear by the mass migration from the campground during their set. It’s cool to see a crowd latch on to a band like that. With good reason of course. The 3 piece pulled off a metal display that would make any metalcore fan smile uncontrolably.

Jasmine Cain

Keeping the crowd hot for the headliner “Otherwise” brought a brilliant mix. Fuelled by a mixture of punk, hardcore, and metal the Las Vegas-based band has an in-your-face style to be reckoned with. Plus, their ability to bring out the wildness in a crowd is absolutely fantastix.


Closing the night, “Adelitas Way” exhibited why they’ve been such a strong house in the rock and roll game for so long. On top of great production, “A.W.” brought a list of fan favorites to be played at the loftiest level of energy possible. Everything from “Sick” to “Still Hungry” made the setlist. In turn, this enthralled long-time fans and minted many many new ones.

Adelitas Way

One thought on “Throwdown at the Campground: day 1 kicks things off with a bang!

  • That show had some heavy hitters roaming around. We had a great time meeting people. Such a chill experience. We are looking forward to the next one.


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