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The Spirit of AC/DC

You know it the second you hear it. Party in a power chord. Few are as recognizable as the staple of rock and roll, AC/DC, and ‘Thunderstruck: America’s AC/DC Tribute’ keeps that party going. Rocking from the town of Louisville Ky, the group consists of vocalist Bobby Lee Stamper, Kevin Feller on rhythm guitar, Chris Jones on bass ,Corey Baetz” on Drums and Tyler Melen on lead. Starting out with what i can only compare to as something straight out of ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog’ mixed with a ride at Disney, you’re aboard a freight train barreling down the tracks through what looks like an old abandoned western town. Texas perhaps? Then the party starts. Between the thundering vocals of Bobby Lee sounding just like any era of AC/DC; which as a vocalist, sounding like either AC/DC singer for even one song is an accomplishment, let alone an entire night, and a tighter than a tiger rhythm section, this powerhouse tribute smashes the spirit of AC/DC in your face with horns in the air. I saw spectators from 8 to 80 in attendance. It was a non stop thrill ride from beginning to end that didn’t stop once, except for a quick pause to admire the moon…you’ll know what i mean when you go. But by far the main attraction was the energy and ability of one Tyler Melen, lead guitar. This dudes command of the guitar was almost perfection, topped by the fact he didn’t stop moving, like EVER. Weather it was headbanging, duck walking or just running and jumping, his cardio is on point. Its that energy and talent, of all five of these great musicians combined, that make it a night to forget. Forget you say, yes, forget. Forget the day at work, the craziness of covid, the annoyance of politicians and media, and then remember. Remember what its like when people of like minds and spirits come together and rock their asses off. – Editor: Joe Taylor Photos by: Preston Hooks

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