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SNARES OF SIXES: Agalloch’s Jason Walton Presents MoonBladder, With Guests From Kayo Dot, Dreadnought, Winds, And More; October Release Via Nefarious Industries/Transcending Records Confirmed + Teaser, Preorders Posted

photo by Cody Keto

SNARES OF SIXES – the exploratory and ever-evolving collective of artists and musicians led by Jason Walton of Agalloch, Sculptured, and more – has completed production on the act’s epic second album, MoonBladder. Now confirmed for October release through Nefarious Industries and Transcending Records, the album’s cover art as well as preorders and a new teaser have been issued.
Jason Walton is best known as the bassist for Agalloch, in addition to playing with Sculptured, Dolven, Celestiial, Poisoning Wave, Sleepchains, among others. In recent years, the multi-instrumentalist has returned to composing experimental and ambient music under his own name, as well as through SNARES OF SIXES where he is joined by a cast of collaborators.
A single thirty-minute movement, MoonBladder sees the SNARES OF SIXES ensemble painting with a wide brush yet creating highly detailed and intricate music that lends itself to deep listening and patience. Immersive and cinematic, the record dips its pen in the electronics of mid-period Ulver, ambient/noise passages, meditations on field recordings and guitar, cavernous vocal passages, and more.
Conceived, assembled, arranged, and constructed by Jason Walton, SNARES OF SIXES’ MoonBladder was recorded in various locations all over the world, its impressive cast of guest collaborators including Marius Sjøli (Sculptured, Fauna Timbre), Robert Hunter (Occulted Sound), Martti Hill (Barrowlands, Sculptured), Don Anderson (Agalloch, Sculptured), Toby Driver (Kayo Dot, Asva), Ron Varod (Kayo Dot, Psalm Zero), Ramin Hosseinabad, Peter Lee (Lawnmower Deth), Lauren Viera, (Dreadnought), Andy Winter (Winds, Age Of Silence), and Nick Wusz (Dolven).
MoonBladder was mixed by Jason Walton at Earth In Sound Studios, mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Sunn O))), Merzbow), and completed with a cover painting by Bridget Bellavia and layout/design by Marius Sjøli. Additionally, a psychedelic video for the entire movement was directed by David Brenner (Gridfailure) infusing footage from multiple band members.
Walton reveals, “MoonBladder is an exploration into the relationship between human bodies, and celestial bodies. With this record I am taking that link one step further and anthropomorphizing the object in the sky that people have the most connection with: the Moon. The Moon has been the subject of legends, and of fables. It has been called the catalyst for Lycanthropy, as well as menstruation, and brings the oceans to life with the rising and falling of the tides. With this record, I imagine what it must be like if the Moon had limbs and organs that fail and decay, only to enter thse Earth’s atmosphere and eventually fall into our forests and oceans.”
The first preview of SNARES OF SIXES MoonBladder is now playing through a trailer for the full album video RIGHT HERE.
MoonBladder will see release October 1st on digital and LP through Nefarious Industries – with preorders including merch bundles now available HERE — and on CD through Transcending Records with preorders and further details to be issued shortly.


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