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 Multi-platinum and GRAMMY-nominated rock band SKILLET deliver their 11th studio project, DOMINION (Atlantic) today.  With critics lauding the project for its “‘dynamic,’ ‘incredibly triumphant,’ ‘aggressive,’ ‘strong‘ and ‘relentlesslypowerfully uplifting‘ songs,” the 12-song set immeidately hit No. 1 on iTunes Top Albums Chart, and is available across all DSPs and more, HERE

Mentioning the band “has long combined aggressive music with positive messages, and it’s proved to be a winning formula,” Billboard led a diverse array of press hits leading up to street, including a Pandora Takeover, support from LOUDWIRE, multiple hits across CBN News, ALT WIRE, Dana Perino’s “One More Thing” plug on The Five, Plugged-In, The Eric Metaxas Show, FamilyLife Today and more, as reviews poured in.

Skillet claims its dominion on dynamic new record.” RIFF Magazine 

“….Truly dynamic..powerfully uplifting and filled with hope. one of the few bands nowadays that really focus on offering listeners a positive message in the midst of such dark times.”        – BRUTAL PLANET 

“‘Dominion’ opens with three inspiring anthems full of fight and confidence… offers an incredibly triumphant, positive tone… It’s immediately clear the members are caught in a proverbial battle they’re determined to win…. “Standing In the Storm”, the best song on the record, spits verses with rhythmic patterns that are almost rap-like, using the more traditional chorus to deliver the unshakable message, ‘I’ve still got some life in me/ I’ve still got some fight in me.‘” – BLABBERMOUTH

My favorite overall Skillet record and I have been a “panhead” from the self-titled debut. Right as I got to “Forever or the End” in listening to the album in track order, I realized this is the Skillet album I’ve been waiting for and “Dominion” is the album that is needed for such a time as this.”    – NEW RELEASE TODAY 

“…this is a strong modern rock record from experts at their craft, with enough killer to continue to assert Skillet’s dominion over the arena metal competition.”

When you hit on a winning formula, why mess with it?…Relentlessly uplifting and melodramatic throughout, the title track is a manic banger, as are ‘Ignite,’ ‘Destroyer,’ ‘Beyond Incredible,’ ‘Destiny’ and ‘Shout Your Freedom;’ even a slow ballad like ‘Forever Or The End’ gets in your face.” – LOUDERSOUND 

“Surviving The Game,” the first single from DOMINIONhas made a strong debut, already accumulating over 12 million streams and nearly top 20 status on Active Rock radio. It’s music video has been viewed over 3.8 million times, and has seen some great sport sync usage, including a recent MLB hit
Still a few weeks before its official add date at Christian AC radio, the single “Refuge” has over a dozen stations already playing the song, including WPOZ/Orlando, FL; WFHM/Cleveland, OH; WBVM/Tampa, FL; KZTH/Oklahoma City, OK; and WHPZ/South Bend, IN.

Produced by Kevin Churko (Papa Roach, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch) with songs written by John Cooper, Korey Cooper, Kevin Churko and Kane Churko, was created 100% remotely between the band’s tour dates, home studio in Wisconsin, and the Churko’s studio in Las Vegas.

DOMINION is about the celebration of freedom, a liberation from fear – to be who we want to be, say what we want to say, believe what we want to believe,” Cooper says. “In some ways it’s a reminder of the God-given rights that we were born with. It’s time to regain some sort of control over our lives and not be a slave to fear. I hope this record is going to make people feel empowered, inspired, uplifted and want to rock their faces off!”

SKILLET is doing just that as they headline Winter Jam 2022 across the country this winter/spring. For all Skillet tour info, visit Skillet.com
SKILLET is one of the best-selling rock bands of the 21st century. The two-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated, Pandora Billionaires Club members, multiplatinum rockers have an undying spirit that has humbly asserted and affirmed them as one of this generation’s most successful rock acts. However, as all classic underdog stories do, it happened quietly under the radar. By 2019, they not only garnered a pair of GRAMMY® Award nods and sold over 12 million albums worldwide, but they also took home a Billboard Music Award for the double-platinum Awake. Its breakout single “Monster” remains “one of the most-streamed rock songs of all-time” with over 3 BILLION global audio streams. 2016’s Unleashed bowed at #3 on the Billboard Top 200. Hitting #1 on Rock Radio, the lead single “Feel Invincible” cracked 643 million global audio streams and went platinum. Meanwhile, the gold-certified Unleashed became their fourth consecutive album to receive either a gold, platinum, or double-platinum status. Their 2019 release Victorious included the top ten rock radio hit “Legendary,” which lived up to its name with over 108 million streams. To date, nine original tunes earned RIAA recognition in tandem with high-profile syncs by everyone from WWE and Marvel to ESPN and NFL. Between selling out arenas in 26 countries and four continents, the group performed on CONAN and graced the pages of USA Today and The New York Times, Skillet debuted their first graphic novel, EDEN: A Skillet Graphic Novel with Z2 Comics, which became the publisher’s best-selling book of all time, followed by EDEN II: The Aftermath.

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