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Palaver Tree Theatre hosts music extravaganza!

Saturday, March 5th, 2023.

With fun times to be had by all, The Palaver Tree Theatre played host to the Pine Tree Church music festival. Featuring bands and solo artists from all walks of life for all walks of life. From the blues to metalcore and everything in between, this day-long party satisfied listeners from St. George to Tallahassee and beyond. Notable throughout the day was the never ending stream of cars coming as an eclectic collection of artists took turns on two stages.

With so many incredible artists, it’s hard to pick just a few to talk about but as with any show, some sets immediately spring to mind. The first of which being Our Final Feud, who broke up the blues and rock-filled day with a hard hitting metalcore style. The trio shows obvious dedication to their craft giving 110% both in preparation and performance. Another notable band with a reputation for great live performances in the area was The Dusty Gravelers. This performance was no exception to their record for putting on great shows that get the crowd on their feet! Of course, I can’t leave out Hollow Memories who spectacularly closed the night. I’ll look to catch more of their shows in the future.

Colton Crowley, Our Final Feud (Vocals)

One of the great things about this local fest was having both an indoor and outdoor stage. The outdoor stage hosting mostly louder, bugger sounding bands. Meanwhile the indoor stage provided and intimate setting for some insanely gifted singer-songwriter style acts. Acts such as Rachel McClure, Ronnie Bones, and JB Ritter. Credit to all of the acts on the inside stage for creating some incredibly special moments with music.

Rachel McClure

A final note that is worthy of mention, the crowd and all of the staff at that Palaver tree, as well as the artists, were kind in ways words cannot express! Southern hospitality was in full effect and every artist and staff member made a concentrated effort to make sure the good times kept on rolling!

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