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Long-Running Philadelphia-Based Indie Label Jump Start Records Celebrating 25th Anniversary with Launch of their First-Ever Subscription Club

Long-Running Philadelphia-Based Indie Label Jump Start RecordsLaunches 25TH Anniversary Subscription Club
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In the works for much of the last year, long-running Philly-based punk/ska/hardcore/indie label Jump Start Records has officially launched its VERY FIRST SUBSCRIPTION CLUB, which coincides with the label’s 25 year anniversary.
Label owner Jeremy Myers says, “Somehow, some way, we’ve managed to stick around for 25 years. Crazy, right? All the ups and downs, the good decisions, the bad decisions, for better or for worse, we’re still here. To celebrate we’ve put together a little something to mark the occasion, our very first subscription club!”
Launched in 1996, Jump Start Records was born in a college dorm room first as a paper mailorder catalog and zine that quickly evolved into a vinyl 7″ release with Montreal’s The Planet Smashers. Twenty years and well over 100 releases later, they’re still here, for better or for worse, fighting the good fight.
While the focus and drive of the label has shifted greatly over the years, one thing has stayed true and that’s a personal connection with the music and a desire to work with friends releasing music that they love.
Among the many records they’ve released throughout the years are classics from the likes of A Wilhelm Scream, Antillectual, MXPX, Broadcaster, Belvedere, Kill Lincoln, Off With Their Heads, Horace Pinker, Crucial Dudes, Astpai , Plow United and many others.
Times are tough, and being an independent record label in the year 2021 isn’t easy; getting people to pay attention to a small record label run out of a suburban Philadelphia basement is no easy task, but they hope you enjoy what they find as much as they enjoy introducing the world to bands and music they think you ought to know.
Jump Start Records. Still punk as fuck.
2021/2022 MEMBERSHIP IS CAPPED AT 100 TOTAL MEMBERSJeremy adds, “To celebrate 25 years of going broke for the hell of it, we’ve put together what we think is a MONSTER of a deal that includes the following:”6 Exclusive Jump Start LP releases/pressings/variantsavailable only to club members25th Anniversary T-shirt25th Anniversary Tote Bag25th Anniversary Campfire Coffee MugJump Start Records Patch
Screen Shot 2021-08-03 at 12.34.25 PM
The first three releases included with your membership are READY TO SHIP and include the following:
JST-110LP Astpai – True CapacityLong overdue US release of Astpai’s final studio album. Originally slated to be released in 2018, this record was put on hold here in the US for various reasons, none of which were rational, but at the time they made sense (at least to me). Time to correct that. 100 copies available with a limited edition hand numbered screen printed J card with original artwork done by Philadelphia artist Estelle Barrett based on the original LP photography. Available on pink (50), translucent blue with black smoke (35), and standard black vinyl (15). This is the only release that requires a color version choice when purchasing your club membership.

JST-091LP Broadcaster – Joyride +3
We’ve had this release on deck for sometime now, but only finally got around to getting it setup for a vinyl pressing during the Covid pandemic. Includes remastered versions of Broadcaster’s 2011 four song EP of the same name, the three tracks from their Tightrope Walker seven-inch release in addition to previously unreleased acoustic versions of all the tracks from ‘Joyride’. Easy to say for fans of Iron Chic and Adult Magic since Jesse plays in both nowadays too. Club exclusive variant of Spring Green and Coke Bottle Clear color in a color vinyl limited to 100 copies with updated artwork from our favorite, JP Flexner.

JST-035LP The Readymen – Restless
Originally slated to be re-released by Jump Start in the early 2000s after the band’s original label, Kingpin Records, went under, we’re stoked to finally bring this ‘masterpiece’ of Pacific Northwest ska-punk back to life. Mastered to the band’s original track sequencing with reworked LP artwork from the original art pieces created and assembled by the band. Club exclusive variant of Opaque Emerald Green with White swirl limited to 100 copies brings this long overlooked band to a new generation of fans that will be quick to see the link between Op Ivy and today’s crop of current bands. Former members went on to play in notable bands like Leftover Crack, MDC, and The Stockyard Stoics.

Once we have the final numbers for the size breakdown for the shirts we’ll go to a full printing on those and ship out once we have these in hand. T-Shirts, tote bags, coffee mugs, and patches will all ship together and separately from your vinyl.
In addition to these exclusive items you’ll also gain exclusive, member only access to super limited items such as:

A Wilhelm Scream ‘Diver’ 7″ raffle giveaways (2nd Pressing on White, 2 Copies)

A Wilhelm Scream ‘Career Suicide’ LP raffle giveaway (2nd Pressing on Translucent Slime Green)

A Wilhelm Scream ‘Career Suicide’ hand screen printed poster (Limited print included with 3rd Pressing of CS pre-order)

Crucial Dudes ’61 Penn’ raffle giveaway (2nd Pressing on Clear Vinyl)

MxPx ‘Plans Within Plans’ Reference Lacquer raffle giveaway (1 copy ever in existence, super rare and limited)

Plow United ‘Marching Band’ Reference Lacquer raffle giveaway (1 copy ever in existence, super rare and limited)

Kill Lincoln ‘That’s Cool….’ Reference Lacquer raffle giveaway (2 copies ever in existence, super rare and limited)

The Siren Six! ‘Voice’ and ‘Young & Professional’ Reference Lacquer raffle giveaways (2 copies of each ever in existence, super rare and limited)
As if that we’re enough, we’re going to give you first crack at limited releases and pressings not included with your subscription including the following:
JST-016LP Belvedere – Angels Live in My Town
When we pressed and released the double gatefold release of Angels Live in My Town and ‘Twas Hell Said Former Child back in 2012 the kind folks at United in Nashville over pressed just about 100 copies of Angels Live in My Town. That’s how record pressing works sometimes. A handful had damaged labels and even a few that were double labeled. The rest, well the rest we’re making available on a limited basis to club members first with a brand new, exclusive LP jacket with artwork done by JP Flexner, the man behind the original artwork for the 2XLP release. 100 copies with hand numbered jackets on coke bottle clear vinyl. Once these are gone, they’re gone.
JST-040LP No On 15 – Meet the Lads
Available for the first time ever in a physical format, this limited vinyl pressing of 100 LPs on randomly mixed color vinyl gives new life to a band that was ahead of their time. Party punks to the end, this six-piece band blurred the lines between pop-punk, ska, and hardcore fueled by alcohol and adolescent stupidity.
JST-119 No On 15 – Unreleased and Unleashed 7”
Three song seven-inch of previously unreleased versions and tracks from No On 15’s sessions with Steve Foote (Big D & the Kids Tabel/Fork In Hand) and Bill Stevenson (The Descendents). Limited pressing of 100 with incredible artwork by long time friend Brian Dumm (of Keystone All-Stars fame).
We’ve got more limited and new releases we’re still working out the details on in addition to the three other releases included with your membership. Needless to say, when we do we’ll be giving Subscription Club members first crack of them, whether they be limited 100 (or less) pressing runs or exclusive colors made first and/or only to club members.
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