Local music returns to The Moon in Tallahassee!

Rejoice! Local rock and alternative music has made its return to The Moon!

These are exciting times if you are in the local music scene in Tallahassee! This weekend The Moon hosted a locals only night consisting of a hard hitting lineup, a packed house, and a hundred or more great moments to capture. Bands like Northy, Kids On Call Street, Airport Drive, and Thunder The Snake scattered the lineup mixed in with an eclectic selection of other acts from genres such as blues rock and singer/songwriter.

You could feel local love hanging in the air! To those not from Tallahassee playing The Moon might seem like just another show in just another venue. If you are in the music scene here, you know that couldn’t be further from the truth. For locals, playing the main room at The Moon is an achievement to be proud of. This room has hosted names from George Strait to Aaron Lewis, Nonpoint, Sevendust, the list goes on. It’s no surprised that the chatter among bands was one of pride to be bringing local music back to The Moon once more!

Cowhaus Presents really pulled together a great lineup on this one and managed an absolutely seamless production. Much of Tallahassee’s younger talent was featured here including college scene favorites Northy, Airport Drive and Kids On Call Street. I’ve worked with Airport Drive and Northy on multiple occasions as well as being fortunate to catch many Kids On Call shows. I had no doubt they would all have great sets but blown away is an understatement. It was extremely apparent that these young bands prepared for and appreciated the opportunity because their energy was OFF THE CHARTS!


Joining the college scene bands were some great blues rock, southern rock and singer/songwriter acts. I have to say a real standout in this group was Thunder The Snake. The folks over at Off The Record podcast had been hyping Thunder The Snake up to me all night. I’m not normally one to buy into hype, but in this case Thunder The Snake far exceeded it! I think these guys are gonna quickly escalate to being one of my top southern rock acts! They deliver a hard hitting, all out assault on the ears with a southern infusion that let’s you feel the soul of their music in your bones. I’ll be staying very tuned in as to what this band is doing and I would advise any reader to do the same!

Thunder The Snake

Lots of love to The Moon for being gracious hosts. The local music scene is growing and the fact that such a distinguished establishment is willing to host local music helps more than I think many of us can understand right now. At the end of the day, local music will always be my passion and it fills my heart with happiness to see “Tallahassee’s LARGEST night club” getting in the mix and supporting the dreams of our local talent. As always The Moon facilities and staff were exceptional!

Stay tuned in to Local Musicians Media for all the updates on national, regional and LOCAL music!

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  • 2022-07-19 at 5:26 pm

    What about Caleb McLeod and the Constant!? They were the best ones of the night!


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