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Local Artist Profile: Rodrigo Herrera

Rodrigo Herrera is a local artist from Tallahassee FL by way of Bolivia. I recently got a chance to listen to some brilliant work from him that should please anyone with an ear for good heavy music. These tunes carry a wide variety of international flavors, including influences from Rodrigo’s childhood in Bolivia to singers from across Europe. The wide spectrum of sounds present brings the metal and melodic together in a way that leaves a listener able to walk away with something new every time they play a track.

When talking to Herrera I could feel his passion for music. When I asked him why he chose to play music he immediately began to explain that it was more like a calling than a choice saying “It’s kind of inevitable for people like us who kind of already lean heavily toward loving music” and “It’s something that I feel the need to do, it’s very satisfying and rewarding.”

Herrera believes the track most representative of his style is  “Mystical Distance” (available on SoundCloud) and I would have to concur. There’s a little something for everyone rather you prefer it heavy or melodic. That could be said for his entire catalog, with some tracks for die-hard heavy music fans, and others for those who prefer something a bit more gentle on the ears. Make no mistake though even on the heavier tracks, production is pretty slick. There is nothing left out in the mix. Something truly rare with such a wide variety of sounds going on. Speaking of sounds, there are production and writing choices here that bring together everything from modern metalcore to south American influenced styles in beautiful harmony.

Per Herrera, we can expect an EP to hit Spotify within 3-4 months featuring an international band from Austria, France, Italy, Bolivia and the United States. Being based in Tallahassee himself. He credits this large, diverse crew (including a mixing engineer and mastering engineer) for the rapid increase in quality he’s made in the recording process. As well as the huge assortment of influences featured within.

On a final note, Herrera rounded out our conversation by saying “it’s a nice thing to share music with people who care about it. Especially when it means something to them!”

One thought on “Local Artist Profile: Rodrigo Herrera

  • Preston you are an excellent writer, we are lucky to have you covering the genre in Florida. Keep it up. \m/


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