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JOETOWN (Ft. Matt Star of Ace Frehley) Releases New 9 min. Prog Rock Epic Titled “Nero”, Includes Tribute & Nod to Late Composer Ennio Morricone

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Stream or get it here:
NEW “NERO“ YouTube Video:
Following up on the success of the recent single “Freightrain”, long time legacy rocker, voice of Bomber Alley and producer JOETOWN releases the single “Nero” world wide on Mindsnap Music / Von Artists, Ltd. This track digs deeper into the artist’s complexity and range. Joe explains; “I have always been difficult to put squarely into any one genre, this proves that again, its heavy rock, its metal, its progressive, it has a f’n whistle track, wtf… I was really excited to get deeper into more expansive arrangement, orchestration and guitar playing on ‘Nero’, all the guitars and bass are me, with Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr. Big) tackling the drums.”
He continues, “Lyrically, ‘Nero’ is a critical summary of the influence that people in power possess in the 21st Century due to the advent of social media platforms supplanting actual delivery of facts. We live in a scary time as propaganda moves at the speed of light enabling leaders to manipulate the public in unprecedented ways.”
Regarding the Ennio Morricone tribute element, Joe is quick to give praise; “I’ve always loved the Ennio Morricone scores to the early Clint Eastwood and other westerns from that era, the material is so amazing! I let that influence and shape the entire end section of the song as a tribute to such a great composer… his music and style will forever endure.”
Joetown performed live and on a float at the 2022 New Haven St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 13th and recorded the entire event. He will also be performing at Crystal Bee’s Southington CT on Saturday March 19th with special guests Elm City Heartbreakers. https://crystalbees.com/events/
WTNH Channel 8 coverage of Joetown @ St Patrick’s Day Parade
Appearance on WPLR 99.1 Chaz & AJ Morning Show with Joetown’s Kerry Gallarney playing bagpipes!
Joetown has been an active part of the New Haven scene since 1995 and is enjoying recent success from the late 2021 single “Freightrain” released by East Haven based Mindsnap MusicChristian “Opus” Lawrence of Dead By Wednesday, who owns Mindsnap Music is excited about the growing excitement around the band and its upcoming new single/video release “Nero” from the label on March 11th. “It’s going to be a major big week for the band and the label, so many great things are happening so fast, this band is on fire!” says Opus (Mindsnap Music / Dead By Wednesday drummer).
Nero track info:
Written, Produced & Mixed by Joe Delaney
Drums: Matt Starr (Ace Frehley, Mr. Big, Black Swan)
Drums recorded by Adam Hamilton
Mastered by Steve Turnidge
Video by Gary M. Sandler
Joetown Interview with Vinnie Penn on the Vinnie Penn Project WELI iHeartRadio 96.9FM 960AM
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For More Information Please Visit:
Official Website

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