I Prevail Delivers to a Sold out House of Blues in Orlando Florida


Born out of Detroit Michigan I Prevail is one of those band who have proven that dedication and persistence pays off when making your dream a reality.

The first time I heard this band was by fluke surfing YouTube looking videos  I came across a cover they did of a song called Blank Space by Taylor Swift , I was blown away and impressed on how they took what to me was a drab song and made it something I really liked , I needed to hear more of what they had to offer. So I went on I tunes and bought their freshman album heart vs mind . The EP had 7 songs but was worthy of being in rotation on my play list. Fast forward to 2016 and they dropped another Album Lifelines.  This 13 song album was on repeat for a long time and I got to see the band for the first time down at Orlando Live with a few other bands on the bill. It just wasn’t the same though because at the time clean vocalist  Brian Burkheiser  was out do to a vocal cord injury and Rhythm guitarist Dylan Bowman covered his parts during part of the tour. 

And here we are 2019 TRAUMA drops and needless to say the band did not disappoint with this album , it has to be in my opinion the best material they have put out to date and I was lucky enough to catch them at the end of the tour promoting the album In Orlando Florida again but at a different venue.

Took the wife with me this time as I played their albums so much at home that she became a fan over time. As we were walking to the box office to get our tickets and my media credentials Eric Vanlerberghe and Dylan Bowman were hanging around outside and my wife being the fangirl she can be got her picture with them.

After waiting in line for about an hour it was time for the doors to open made our way thru security quickly found her a seat and got the camera ready for the nights show. Justin Stone opened up the night , I had never heard of him before but they couldn’t have picked a a better act to get things started full of energy and interacting with the crowd via crowd surfing after doing a trust fall into them , he is going to be an act I’ll put on my list to see again. 

After a short change over Issues from Atlanta Georgia took to the stage and it was obvious the the crowd knew exactly who they were by the deafening roars. Out the gate like a race horse this band quickly had people moving and moshing to their 40 minute set ,  Wish i knew more about this band before tonight because I could keep them on repeat on a playlist right along with I Prevail. Two songs in and a circle pit quickly formed on the floor in the center of the crowd.

9:30 came quickly and the lights dimmed again as the now full capacity House of Blues was ready for the main event being I Prevail and with a 16 song set list they were going to get what they came for an ear full of their favorite band. It was amazing to hear the crowd sing along with the band with each and ever song.  Brian even took time during tuning for the next song to talk about his vocal injury on the last tour and how he almost gave it all up . The band played a mixture of songs from all three albums which made the night that much more worth the 4 hour trip to catch the show




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