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Haunt drops acoustic single for “Beautiful Distraction” via Bandcamp; new ‘Unplugged Vol.1’ album to be released next Friday, November 12th

Taking inspiration from MTV’s “Unplugged”-series from the 90’s, Haunt has announced a new acoustic album, Unplugged Vol.1due to be released via Iron Grip and Church Recordings next Friday, November 12th. For a preview of this record, the first single, “Beautiful Distraction”, can be streamed now at: hauntthenation.bandcamp.com – where Unplugged Vol.1 can also be pre-ordered in the following versions:
–green vinyl (limited to 100 copies)
–red vinyl (limited to 100 copies)
–black vinyl (limited to 100 copies)
–CD (limited to 1000 copies)
–cassette (limited to 50 copies)
During the pandemic, Haunt‘s main-man Trevor William Church wondered what it would be like if suddenly there was no more electricity – and, what Haunt would sound like if he was forced to change his vision. Church then got a hand-me-down acoustic guitar from his dad, and he quickly realized there was something more to this idea: he started reimagining songs from his previous records, using minimalist production and instruments that can only be played without electricity. The resulting album – Unplugged Vol.1 – features the following 8 newly recorded, acoustic tracks:  
Unplugged Vol.1 track-listing
1. Beautiful Distraction
2. In Our Dreams
3. Have No Fear
4. Luminous Eyes
5. Light The Beacon
6. On The Stage
7. Reflectors
8. Cosmic Kiss
Formed in late 2017 in Fresno, CA, Haunt is a solo project by Trevor William Church of BeastmakerHaunt‘s first release was 2017’s Luminous Eyes EP, which was praised by Fenriz of Darkthrone on his “Album of the Week” blog, putting the project on media and fans’ radar worldwide. The following year, Haunt released the full-length debut, Burst Into Flame, via Shadow Kingdom Records – which garnered much critical acclaim and “best of 2018” accolades from Metal Sucks, Decibel Magazine, amongst many others. This initial success sparked the formation of the live band and Haunt‘s first performances domestically. Haunt then followed up with a new album, If Icarus Could Fly, plus the Mosaic Vision EP in 2019; both releases were very well received, and soon after, they hit the road on their first high-profile USA tour with Municipal Waste and Toxic Holocaust. 2020’s break-through record, Mind Freeze, earned the cover of Decibel Magazine, further cementing the group’s status in the heavy metal scene, to where they felt ready to take on Europe: first with Angel Witch and Night Demon for the esteemed “Heavy Hamburg Halloween ll” show, then the European festival circuit at “Hell over Hamburg” – right before the pandemic hit.
Being a prolific songwriter, Church used his time at home as an opportunity to write more material, including another celebrated full-length, 2020’s Flashback, plus the recently released Beautiful Distraction (2021). Now, Haunt returns with Unplugged Vol.1, which features acoustic versions of the acclaimed songs: “Beautiful Distraction” (from Beautiful Distraction), “In Our Dreams” (from Beautiful Distraction), “Have No Fear” (from Mind Freeze), “Luminous Eyes” (from Luminous Eyes), “Light The Beacon” (from Mind Freeze), “On The Stage” (from Mind Freeze), “Reflectors” (from Burst Into Flame), and “Cosmic Kiss” (from If Icarus Could Fly).
Haunt online:

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