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Glacier Veins release new single, “Cover Me”

  This week, Glacier Veins released an all new single, “Cover Me”, accompanied by a mesmerizing video. The single marks the band’s first new music since their beloved 2020 album, ‘The World You Want To See’, and is a perfect example of the group’s mature songwriting style, seamlessly meshing complex guitar riffs with high-energy melodies and catchy lyrics.

On writing “Cover Me”, vocalist and guitarist Malia Endres shares:

“We are incredibly excited to be back with a new song that feels like a release of all the energy and emotion that have been growing and flowing since the release of ‘The World You Want To See’. On a personal level, “Cover Me” gave me an opportunity to tap into some strong feelings and really be able to express and validate them for myself. Besides just pure expression, though, writing this song helped me reflect on how I could use that emotional energy to bring more meaning to my life and also my relationship with the people and world around me. I hope this song provides you with the space and energy to also tap into and move with your emotions in a validating and constructive way.”Be sure to check out the video for “Cover Me” below and stream here!

Glacier Veins also just embarked on an eleven-date west coast tour with The Home Team! Be sure to catch them on the road and grab tickets 

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