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Get The Led Out-A celebration of the mighty Zep

Growing up in the 70’s my uncle introduced me to a wide variety of music as a kid/teen and one of the bands that really intrigued me was Led Zeppelin . Listening to Iconic albums like Houses of the holy , Physical graffiti and all the self titled albums on 8 track was how i spent most of my days after school. Though I really would have loved to see the iconic band live , sadly their drummer passed away in 1980, I was 11. Later in life I got to see Robert Plant on his own and Jason Bonham’s Led Zeppelins experience it just wasn’t the same .

So naturally when I heard there was a band that put forth every effort to recreate the sound of Led Zeppelin as they were in their prime , I knew this was something I needed to Experience. Enter Get The Led Out , a collection of 6 very musically talented men hailing from Philadelphia. Paul Sinclair (Vocals) , Paul Hammond (Guitars, Mandolin) , Tommy Zamp ( Guitars, Vocals), Phil D’Agostino ( Bass, Vocals) , Adam Ferraioli ( Percussion) and Eddie Kurek ( Keyboards , Guitars , Vocals ,Percussion) have been touring the states for over 2 decades filling venues and giving people what they want , The music of Led Zeppelin like only they can deliver.

I caught up with the band on the last date of their spring tour that started in Biloxi MS on 3/9. The Moon in Tallahassee Florida was the last stop. With over 108 songs in Led zeppelins Catalogue , GTLO changes up their setlist in every city they play . So naturally I was excited to see what they had in store for us on this date.

I arrived at the venue about an hour before doors to pick up my credentials that would allow me to bring in my camera gear , I wanted to beat the crowd as well and secure a front spot in line for when the doors did open at 7 pm. To my surprise there was already a handful of die hard fans already in the parking lot so I grabbed my photo pass and joined them in line. Conversations quickly started and all told me about previous shows and how happy the band had returned to Tallahassee and that they wouldn’t miss it for the world. We exchanged stories of other shows we had attended to pass time till they finally let us in the doors. Thru security and in to the venue we go checking out the wide variety of merchandise they had on hand and stuck up conversation with the merch person about the band, Knowing the band was from Philadelphia were I grew up I had to ask if the band had adapted their name from a spot a local radio station had every week of the same name but she wasn’t really sure.

8 pm was quickly upon us and Scott Carswell owner of the moon Tallahassee came to the stage to introduce the band and thank them for returning for the ninth year, lights go down a few riffs from guitars and the band takes to the stage , opening up with In the evening and the crowd was ready as they cheered with delight. Next was Good times bad times and everyone young and old were singing along with the band. It was refreshing to see many generations in the crowd from Baby Boomers to Gen-Y , all were having a good time. Trampled under foot was song number three and at times I had to catch and stop my self from dancing and singing along , though it was very hard to do. I have to say if this is what a Led Zeppelin was like , I want a time machine to go back in time and experience it first hand or not want the night to end as these 6 gentlemen had truly captured the essence of the mighty Zep.The next time this band is in your city do your self a solid and check them out.

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