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From Ashes To New bring metal, mosh pits, and mayhem to “Crazy” night at Club L.A. Destin FL.

Tonight Club L.A. in Destin became home to one of the best club tours that will hit the road all year. From Ashes To New, joined by supporting act Fire From the Gods brought the roof down dealing out an outstanding set that any fan could find happiness in. From Ashes To New has always been known for bringing a special electricity and connection with their fans to the stage and tonight was no exception! The room definitely had that “special occasion” feeling in the air. As die hard fans filed in one after the other there was no doubt that the music, stage show, and personality of From Ashes To New have won them a number of fanatical music lovers. Rightfully so! Currently FATN is out on tour for their offering “Panic” which dropped August of 2020 right in the middle of the first COVID wave. The anticipation to hear new song was definitely there but that doesn’t mean there was any shortage of hard hitters from previous albums. Long running favorites from the guys in FATN such as “Through it all” and “Crazy” still show their colors mixed in with a number of other previous hits.

Vocalist Matt Brandyberry brought a rap style that would make even the most devoted Linkin Park fan blush. Combined with the awesome and powerful melodies of Danny Case it is a perfect tag team combo to combine the best of hip hop and metal. This allows the band to convey ideas in a massively unique way that hearkens back to when the Nu-Metal sub genre was on fire. Undoubtedly From Ashes To New show that they are keeping Nu-Metal alive and well. There is something more to it though, a hint of Hardcore/Metalcore that is just enough to really turn the heaviness up. This gives the band a huge arena vibe that makes their energy massive.

While we are talking about the bands sound it would be hard not to talk about the sound of guitarist Lance Dowdle who’s on stage energy is only paralleled by an incredibly dense guitar tone that reverberates through the room like a tsunami. Flatly put, If From Ashes To New is the fire, Lance Dowdle is the guy throwing that little bit of extra gas on it. Live; Dowdle, Brandyberry and Case create a show at front of stage that is a clear example of being serious performers, but also knowing when the crowd wants you to have fun. Few bands that I have seen can carry a crowd just with their on stage behavior like From Ashes To New can.

At back of stage the show is just as exciting and relentlessly paced. Mat Madiro may as well be conducting a full symphony back there with the wide array of great sounds generated by both a well built kit and a number of electronic pads. Every beat seems to fall in exactly the right place, putting a type of emphasis on certain compositions that immediately draws out the emotion of the moment. They say the drums are the heartbeat of the song, if this is the case FATN has a heartbeat that would send most monitors off the charts!

I would be shorting fans dramatically if i didn’t talk about the incredible back up that From Ashes To New brought along on this tour. Starting of course with Fire From The Gods who have quickly made a very respectable name for themselves in the last few years. I was fortunate enough to have seen them twice before tonight in both an arena and a festival setting. I wasn’t sure what a club crowd would look like for them after seeing them on much larger stages. However, I now feel that any venue, any size, any number of folks in the audience… Fire From The Gods is coming for blood. They’ve been known for awhile now as a band with great stage presence but i cant help feeling that it just keeps getting better. Watch out main stage acts, Fire From The Gods is out here earning your slot!

In addition to Fire From The Gods, FATN was joined by supporting acts “Blind Channel”, “Kingdom”, and “Above Snakes” all of whom showed to be beyond worthy of making a move up in the music world. Each delivering their own special brand of metal. A 5 band show is great value for a ticket, it’s an even better value when the supporting bands are this solid. A tip of the hat to the supporting acts who went above and beyond all night long to make sure fans were having the best time possible.

From Ashes To New now head down to Orlando which will wrap up their Florida tour dates. After Florida the band has 10 stops left on the tour, which ends in vocalist Matt Brandyberry’s hometown of Reading, PA. We here at Local Musicians Media would like to wish them and their supporting acts as well as their staff the best of luck out there! Also we would like to thank Club L.A. for always being gracious hosts.

One thought on “From Ashes To New bring metal, mosh pits, and mayhem to “Crazy” night at Club L.A. Destin FL.

  • Sounds like it was a fucking great time. Looking forward to more coverage and 📸 -D


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