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Dishwalla: 2 Decades and still going

Its been over 25 years, 5 albums, awards, tours, movie soundtracks and more. Dishwalla has released new EP featuring 3 songs. I had the opportunity to preview these three songs, and let me tell you, they will definitely be on my summer play list when hitting the road. From dynamic instrument use and writing, to big melodies and lyrics that inspire the wonderlust mentality in us all. The songs capture the essence of free spirited living and letting go of inhibitions to help you find what’s really inside you. The first song ‘Alive’ is an upbeat, indie rock sound, that is a refreshing breath of windows down, 55 mph, highway wind in your face. It leaves you feeling ready to start out on a new adventure, to go out and see what’s around the corner. It makes you wanna jump in the car and just go for it. The next song ‘Set me Free’ is a slower, acoustic song and takes you right by the campfire and under the stars. Its a song that sets a mood to reflect on good times that bring a smile to your face. Song 3, my personal favorite, is called ‘King of the Mountain’. This song brings an up beat, rock feel to the album, compared to the other 2, but still in line with a theme of rising up and moving forward into new heights. Its a perfect conclusion to this ep showing the diversity in the talent of these seasoned veterans of the music world. After listening, I have an uplifting feeling of possibility, adventure and excitement, which is a great break from the hardships and doldrums of todays chaos that can so easily bring us down. Thankfully there’s bands out there, like Dishwalla, writing music to break us from reality, if even for a moment, and take us on a mental summer road trip.

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