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Blackberry Smoke in Tallahassee Florida

Man it’s been a while since I’ve seen Blackberry Smoke think it was 2013 at the Wanee Music Festival that was held in live Oak Florida. Being switched to a night shift job took up a lot of my time and I wasn’t able to attend as many shows that I would have liked to personally. But with a recent job change and freeing up my weekend time knowing that the band that I loved seeing was going to be in my home town , I just had to attend this show . And just like a fine wine over the years I swear they just got better as they matured as a band and got road and studio experience under their belts.

On tour with The Turnpike Troubadours the band rolled into Tallahassee, Florida at the Donald l Tucker Civic center on the second day of the tour. After a brief issue getting thru security with my camera equipment I made my way to my seat mid way through the opening band, so I wasn’t able to get any photographs. About 8 pm after a small change over Blackberry Smoke took to the stage opening with Live it down , from the first guitar strum I was reminded of just what I was missing by not seeing this band perform in such a long time. The whole band had smiles on their faces as the people took to their feet and started to dance in the isles , took me back to the 2013 performance immediately , I was wowed by this band once again. Good one coming on followed up and the party continued , even as a photographer , it’s hard to not stop and dance your self to the music as it consumes you and takes you away to the places where you have no care or worries. Charlie Starr took the time to say hello and how happy they were to be in Tallahassee and went into Let it burn , with the third song comes sadness because there’s always something to capture when at a show that Blackberry smoke delivers and sometimes it feels that 3 songs just isn’t enough , but it’s time to sit and enjoy the rest of the show. With great lights and incredible sound the show continued to include Delilah , Sleeping dogs , Ain’t the same and a few other great tunes the band has put out over the years. Besides the band delivering what they do with all they have I must say that not enough credit or spotlight is given to the guys and gals behind the scene that show up hours before curtain call to set the stage hang the lights and speakers , to make sure everything is just right for the band to look and sound their very best for the fans.

Blackberry smoke formed in Atlanta Georgia in 2000 and consisted of Charlie Starr(lead vocals ,Guitar) Richard Turner (Bass , Backing vocals) Brit Turner (Keyboards). Later in 2018 they added touring members Benji Shanks and Preston Holcomb. In their career to date the band has an impressive seven studio albums two live albums and five extended plays. They were also the first independent artist to hit number one one the billboard country album charts .

To purchase any Blackberry Smoke music or merchandise visit their website here and if you haven’t seen them live yet do your self a solid and buy that ticket , I promise you will not regret it.

3 thoughts on “Blackberry Smoke in Tallahassee Florida

  • BBS started in Atlanta, Ga in 2001 with Charlie Starr lead vocals, guitar), Richard Turner (backing vocals, bass guitar), Paul Jackson ( backing vocals and guitar), and Brit Turner (drums).
    Brandon Still (Keyboards) was added in 2009 and Benji Shanks (guitar) and Preston Holcomb (percussion) were brought on 2018.

    • Appreciate the correction. Believe I met you this night after the set, I was also a stage hand for the venue

  • And Eric Snoddy is the best merchandise guy ever.


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