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Badflower Brings Unique Sound to the Emerald Coast, Packs Club L.A.

I’ve been a fan of Badflower for several years now. I think, like most people, I got roped in when “Ghost” was ripping through the airwaves in 2018. You wanna talk about a single that just cracks the surface, though. “Ghost” isn’t even the tippy top of the iceberg that is Badflower’s Catalog. They have some of the most personal, honest, and articulate writing I’ve ever heard.

So that brings me to last night. For me, it’s round 3 of catching a set from Badflower. This time was much different from the major festival sets at 3 in the afternoon, which made up previous experiences. A club, especially one like Club L.A., really lets these guys craft an intimate experience wherein the relationship between artists and fans feels much tighter. Including a light show designed by the band on a show to show basis.

One thing that is definitely the same regardless of if you see them at the biggest fests or the smallest clubs is a clear dedication to audience connection. While many bands are striving for a technically perfect performance, Badflower seems to set out to give fans that “we are all family here” feeling. Now, I am absolutely not saying they lack technicality. Badflower crafts beautiful music that holds up live in any circumstances. I just get the feeling that creating a good live atmosphere is infinitely more important to them. A philosophy I support all the way!

On the note of feelings (what awful things), I simply can not write this article and not talk about the lyricism. I know this is a live performance review, but what good is the show if the music isn’t something worth getting attached to, right? Well, with Badflower, the lyricism alone is definitely worth getting attached to. You could grab any tune in their catalog and identify with it in some part. Doesn’t matter if it’s anxiety, depression, death, bad break up that’s your fault, bad breakup that’s their fault. Whatever your struggles, Badflower has a song that will say what you wanna say.

So, back to the meat and potatoes of this article. The live show from Badflower can be defined with one word “elegance”. Perhaps not typically the word associated with a rock show, but they pull it off in a way that creates a sort of surreal live atmosphere. Don’t mistake my description to mean boring or mundane. These guys are rock and roll all the way, and they are so exciting live. There’s a certain calm that comes over you during their show, though, an “everything is gonna be alright” kind of vibe.

The track list for a Badflower live set is sure to satisfy any fan, from casual radio listener to die hard super fan. Hits like “Ghost” and “Heroin” come to mind immediately. There’s a lot of diversity, a good mix between exciting and sultry tunes that take you on a rocket ship ride for the whole show.

It is a WHOLE SHOW, too, Badflower pull no punches on making sure everyone gets to hear their favorite tune. “The Jester”, “30”, “Family” and “Don’t Hate Me” were among the expansive setlist. Deeper fans will appreciate the presence of songs like “Stalker” which frontman Josh Katz performed from the crowd.

Josh Katz performers live from a tabletop at Club L.A.

It would be wrong of me as a writer not to make Winona Fighter a topic of discussion in this article. They certainly were among the crowd. Their show is pure, raw energy. It’s got a super fast-paced punk vibe that made for a perfect opener. The female fronted group offers high octane rock for listeners at all levels, with a live show to match!

Winona Fighter

The band isn’t all that matters in a live show, though, right? Right! The place and people behind the scenes matter just as much. There are few locations more beautiful than Destin FL situated on Florida’s Emerald Coast. There are few venues more professionally built and staffed for music than Club LA. Between A+ lighting and sound, great bar staff, and room for all the crowd activities a rock show inspires. It’s no wonder Club LA and Destin FL have been long-time favorites for performers and fans alike.

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