All that Remains sells out Club L.A. in Destin Florida

Heavy metal at its finest , who’s that you ask? All that Remains of course. The band came to be when Phil Laonte stepped down as vocalist for Shadows fall to pursue a future with a then side project he had with guitarist Oli Herbert . 

Now with 9 studio albums in their pockets the band continues to find success and fill venues no matter where they play including the current tour with Attila, Escape the Fate and Sleep Signals.

Sadly In 2018 Oli Herbert lost his life while doing some work at his home during the bands down time from the road. But The band kept their heads high and didn’t call it quits and continued on picking up Jason Richardson on lead guitar. The tour promotes the bands latest album Victim of a new disease that was released less than a month before they lost Oli.

Victim of a new Disease was praised by critics for the band return to their original musical sound . This 10 track album is truly bad ass from beginning to end  with tracks like Fuck love, Blood I spill , Misery in me , broken and  Every thing is wrong which they released a video of which the  lyrics really hit home and a lot of fans relate it to the bands loss of Oli.


This album is one that you will keep on repeat for a while once its in your playlist. The bands current tour is scheduled to end some time in August.

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